Website copywriting services

Legal design and website copywriting services  

Your website is your organisation’s most important marketing tool, and it’s also one of the most effective mediums for promoting the results of a legal design project.

When the site is effective, your content can soar to the top of the Google rankings.

Attention to detail is central to SEO success, as well as successful legal design. It’s what helps your site stand out from the competition: the black sheep of the flock, the diamond among sequins, the red apple in a crate of Granny Smiths. It should catch the eye and engage the mind with its distinctiveness, thoughtfulness and ability to respond to the reader’s needs. Trust, credibility and relevance are its cornerstones.

What’s that got to do with me?

I offer a range of legal design and copywriting services aimed at creating engaging, professional communications to help your website stand out like a juggling ball on a sheet of snow.

Optimised copy to capture Google’s attention

Reader-friendly, informative content to generate trust

Delicious copy to woo your audience’s tastebuds

Juggling ball vector with blue on top

Attention-grabbing copy for your product or service

User-centred design solutions for sticky legal problems

My services include:

SEO website copy

SEO blog posts

SEO editing

SEO podcast show notes

SEO sales pages


Case studies

Professional profiles

Chatbot scripts

Video and radio ad scripts

If you have another website copywriting project in mind, let’s have a discussion, a brainstorm, a conference, a huddle, a Zoom. Or a simple phone call.

Not sure which way to jump?

If you’re uncertain whether you need a copywriter, or whether I’ve got the skills to match your project, let’s discuss it. Together we can work through all the issues and concerns. Often, this is an effective way to clarify what you need and to work out whether I can help.

And if you’re not sure why you’d engage a copywriter to work on a legal design project, I’ve written an article to help you work out what’s right for your needs.

But wait, there’s more! (As they say on television.)

Through my memberships of Kate Toon’s Digital Marketing Collective and The Clever Copywriting School, I’m networked with a range of professionals with some seriously impressive skills. Even better, much of my network has the same type of SEO training (me included). It’s a huge advantage for our shared clients. Let’s say I’m working on a project with a web developer or graphic designer from my network. We’re all practising SEO in the same way. Speaking the same language. Adopting the same best-practice strategies. It means fewer headaches for you and a smoother, speedier process to project completion.

Looking for a copywriter for adult products? I know someone.

In need of a virtual assistant to help you get your new podcast up and running? I can connect you.

Seeking someone to build a messenger chatbot for your business? Just ask.

Hunting down a legal designer for some fresh legal solutions? Maaaaate! Let’s you and me have a chinwag (that’s out-and-proud Aussie slang. Fair dinkum).