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I’m Kate. I’m an experienced copywriter based in Adelaide. I create premium website content to help law firms and businesses improve sales, visibility and trust.

I can help you, too.

The great thing about being a writer is that I’m always learning. It means that I’m versatile enough to produce great copy, no matter what the topic.

How did I get here? Funny you should ask.

I studied Music, Arts and Law at the University of Adelaide. I eventually settled on a legal career, having already completed a significant amount of study in classical music, including violin performance, history, literature, and theory of music. I also majored in international politics as part of my Bachelor of Arts.

After completing University, I left Adelaide for Melbourne to start work as an articled clerk (an apprentice lawyer, more or less). After my admission to legal practice, I worked as a solicitor in Melbourne in general litigation, wills and estates and bankruptcy.

Then my husband and I decided to return to beautiful Adelaide. After a stint in legal recruitment, I scored a great job in an industrial and employment law firm. The quality of work was fantastic, and the pace was often intense. It was a steep learning curve but always interesting.

A couple of kids later, I was knocking about the house looking after little ones and trying to remember my own name. I happened to get some work with the Law Society of South Australia’s professional training programme. This was the course that trained law graduates how to be lawyers.

I started off teaching students how to interview clients. Then the Law Society tasked me with creating a new course to teach legal letter writing skills. It made me take a serious look at my own writing style. I decided that as a lawyer, I, too, could improve in more than a few areas. Little did I know it, but that was my first step on the path to freelance writing.

One of my kids was diagnosed with coeliac disease a few years later. It led me to establish the food blog Gluten-free Lunchboxes . I started developing recipes and learned a lot about digital content. I even wrote a recipe book.

As my kids were getting older, I had time to pick up a bit more work and landed a gig as a freelance writer. I wrote legal articles for a few law firms and other consultancies in the eastern States, in areas including NSW criminal law, migration law, workplace relations and more. It was a great test of my adaptability.

My teaching work, blogging and writing work all combined to give me an unusual skill set, but one that was well-suited to website copywriting and content production.

I then spent a few years working as a content manager in a local law firm, ghost-writing articles, creating website copy, producing newsletters and managing social media sites.

Then I became a freelance copywriter and content creator. I’m trained in SEO copywriting which means that I know how to produce content that will rank highly in Google search results. My legal background and extensive legal writing experience have given me a unique niche as a legal content specialist. And, as a musician with years of training and experience, I’m also a classical music copywriter. No kidding.

Freelancing is a great way for me to work – I get to collaborate with a range of clients on a range of topics. I’m always learning something new.

If you’re after premium website content and exceptional copywriting services, you’ve come to the right place.

Find out how I can help your business reach its potential.