About Kate Crocker Copywriter

I create premium website content to help law firms and businesses improve engagement, visibility and trust

The great thing about being a writer is that I’m always learning. It means I’m versatile enough to produce first-rate copy on a wide range of topics.

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Why work with Kate Crocker Copywriter?

As a former lawyer with several years’ experience in private legal practice, I understand how to communicate legal issues and concepts in straightforward, jargon-free language.

These skills transfer to many other areas, including small business, food and music.

My SEO training means that I write copy that’s one-of-a-kind, relevant, and useful, to help your site stand out and gain an edge.

And I’m constantly updating my skills through my professional memberships including The Clever Copywriting Community and Digital Masterchefs.

I’m known for my:

  • Legal skills and professional experience
  • Search engine optimised and user-focused copy
  • Attention to detail, consistent language and adaptability
  • Excellent and ongoing client communication
  • Affordable rates
  • Friendly and reliable service

If you’re after premium website content and exceptional copywriting services, you’ve come to the right place

How did I get here? Funny you should ask

In the beginning

I started university life as a music student in violin performance, before transitioning into law and eventually graduating with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in International Politics) from the University of Adelaide.

I worked as a lawyer for many years, in Melbourne and then in Adelaide. My work spanned commercial and civil law, with a specialisation in employment and industrial law.

After a career break to have children, I took on some work as a lecturer and tutor, providing professional training to law graduates. I developed a course in plain-English communication, which fuelled my interest in further expanding my skills in this area.

The digital awakening

Around the same time, I established my recipe site, Gluten-free Lunchboxes, giving me a grassroots start in recipe development, food writing, and digital content creation and management.

This led me to freelance work, creating long-form articles for law firms and other quasi-legal organisations. I produced content in a range of legal areas and jurisdictions.

Next, I worked for a few years as a content manager in an Adelaide law firm. My primary job was content creation, but I also managed the website, social media accounts and undertook other marketing activities. I wrote in every practice area offered by the firm. Here, I discovered my ability to adapt and to learn quickly, two critical skills for any copywriter.

When this work came to an end, I realised I’d amassed a range of skills with diverse interest areas.

What to do?

I’m a believer (in SEO)

It seemed a natural step to delve into freelancing completely, but I needed to narrow my options.

After talking with a web developer, the path became clear.

SEO copywriting.

Say what?

Web-based content specially written to:

  • Deliver easy-to-understand, relevant content to internet users
  • Rank well in search engine results

I decided that retraining was the go.

So I:

These decisions turbo-charged my abilities and dramatically improved my services. And even now, I benefit from ongoing training through my professional memberships.

Since then, my ongoing training has allowed me to add sales pages and whitepapers to my services. I also love writing podcast show notes (okay, I admit I’m a little bit addicted to podcasts) and chatbot scripts.   

My legal niche

Websites are hungry beasts: they need constant attention. I’m trained to deliver well-crafted, properly structured websites to efficiently communicate the marketing message and prompt the reader to take action.

And I’ve carved out a specialist area for myself as a legal copywriter. Law firms need copywriters who know about the law. Who understand that a simple full-stop or comma can crucially change the meaning of a document. And who can strike a balance between professional communication and one that’s also reader-friendly.

It’s a tough challenge to find a writer who can deliver in all those areas. It’s even tougher to find someone who’s legally qualified and SEO-trained.

But that’s me.

And you’re here.

I’m a legal and business SEO copywriter, ready to help your organisation with sharp, trusted content for your website.

I love the diversity of the work and the opportunities to keep learning.

What’s next for Kate Crocker Copywriter? 

Writing web copy is my priority, especially for legal websites.

I also use my plain-English skills in other areas, for example:

  • Informative website pages
  • Articles
  • Sales pages
  • White papers

for service-based businesses, government sectors and the food and music industries.

I’m looking forward to delivering more in-house legal training to law firms on how to create SEO-friendly, reader-friendly articles and blog posts.

Maybe you’ve got some other ideas about how I can help your organisation.

More about me 

Impressive! You made it this far. As a reward (of sorts), here are some random facts about me:


  • Of the very few trophies I’ve won in my life, one was for an amateur salsa dancing championship
  • I make a pretty impressive fig and ginger jam
  • My taste in books is too embarrassing to disclose
  • I’m an out and proud Chatter
  • I drink far too much black coffee
  • I grew up in regional South Australia, smack-bang between the Barossa and Clare Valley wine regions. Lucky, eh?

Find out how I can help your business reach its potential.

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